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In the 8th grade at Alexander Graham Jr. High School in Charlotte I took a shop course and enjoyed working with wood and the aroma of sawdust. Years later, while in the Army Medical Corps, I made a few tables. More years passed until I cleaned out an old basement coal bin and bought a power saw and made some boxes and tables in the Shaker style. In 1998 I spent two weeks at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina and came home inspired with the notion that I really wanted to become a woodworker, to make furniture, to smell sawdust and enjoy the feel and shape of wood. That's when I decided to retire from the practice of medicine and built the shop on Culpepper Street.
Over the next few years I took more classes at Penland and also at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine with outstanding teachers in both places.
My work has been shown in an exhibit of Southeastern furniture makers by the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA), at The Penland School gallery, at the Swan Coach House Gallery and in numerous private collections in Atlanta, Charlotte, Richmond, New York, San Francisco, London and others.
All of my pieces are of my own design although they often include elements of other styles such as Shaker,Art Nouveau and Asian influences. The designs often include color and curves. Recently, I've begun making small tables and benches, some of them from that pile of leftover wood in the corner.
Mostly I make tables and benches,  but I also make small chests, mirrors, boxes or whatever someone wants or whatever I feel like making. Some pieces are initiated by a piece of wood in the shop. Whatever the piece is, I want it to look good, to serve its purpose and to be well made. I enjoy making things on commission and working out the design with the client.
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